If your enquiry is to play team games with Laser Guns

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Email your enquiry to:


ONLY FOR $10,000 + GST

(see details below)


($15,000 + GST - Stock + Domains as Listed + Supplier Contact) 


We are offering our new stock of 15 sets of laser guns with accessories for $10,000 + GST

For $15,000 + GST - You would have the stock + Domain Names + The contact details of our Chinese supplier and be able to import, wholesale and retail the laser guns and set up licensed operators or franchise around NZ. You will deal direct with the manufacturer to buy additional stock.

The domains that we will sell with the above stock for the $15,000 + GST price are:


Laser guns are electronic toys which operate to a range of about 100m outdoors. They are as safe as your TV, Garage or Gate remote control.

The game involves two teams, normally 2-10-20 people, when you are hit the light on your vest changes from green to red. You can then restore your life using the medical box. The remote controlled bomb enhances the fun and excitement. The game is controlled by the central control unit or remote controller. 

Remember this is all perfectly safe, all electronic & harmless.

Business plan is to set up games, the players pay $35.00 each for the one hour game, your revenue can be $700 per hour for 20 players.

If you sell 20 games per week with 20 players that equals $14,000 per week income.

The games can be played indoors or outdoors, in a woodland area & you would rope of the defined game area, dig some trenches & make it realistic.

Offer the mobile service where you go to lifestyle block homes or businesses for corporate events, or birthdays, the birthday market is huge, host 4 games in a weekend $700 x 4 = $2800-00 each weekend all done at the customers homes.

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